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We believe in today's world the best way to learn is by collaboration. Making things together in an open environment where everyone contributes to best of their abilities helps in nurturing and growing one's skills.

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We are disrupting the education system by narrowing the gap between your hobbies and studies by using our in-house products and years of hard work in working and promoting Do-It-Yourself(DiY) culture.

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SDIoT is a reflection of its community

SDIoT Makerspace a.k.a p4u lab

A DIY Maker space-SDIoT P4U Lab!

Problem, Project, Prototype & Product from you in this physical space. P4U Lab a space for creative thinking, problem-solving, project incubation and product development. Come and use best in class tools and mentorship from experts and convert your ideas to reality.

SDIoT global entrepreneurship encouragement program

Discover the entrepreneur in you!

Every idea is great and we live by these words, that is why we started this program to bring your ideas to reality by incubating dedicated teams and exposing them to infrastructure which helps and motivate them to bring their ideas to reality.

SDIoT DroneNation

Sky is not the limit!

It's the home, Build, Fly, Crash Repeat and we can help you in all these steps and help you become next famous drone pilot. We have programs and tools such as IDRL powered fatshark elite simulator especially designed by experts Pilots and Engineers which not only helps you learn physics behind aerodynamics but also use those principles and real experience to excel your flying skills.

SDIoT RC Carnival

The Annual era of flight paradise!

Come, camp, fly and have fun with the community while learning your way up to the sky around the people who live and breath aviation.

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