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Welcome- SDWorld Blog

SDIoT Holiday Light

SDIoT Holiday Lights is a smart Christmas tree lights project meant for adding smart, bright and colorful lights to holiday season. It is based around Neopixel addressable LEDs which can display virtually any color imaginable.Our controller deliver animation in single- as well as expanded- color light strands. The basic idea is to design, develop and deploy a platform that interfaces user with the Christmas Holiday light at our [Continue Reading...]

The Future of IoT in Automation Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about to transform the next decade. Literally everything will be connected to everything. Although the IoT industry has been responsible for staggering advances in engineering and basic science, new manufacturing methods struggle to catch on. The immense importance of safety, coupled with strict regulations, inspires a conservative approach. Automation could be the solution to these challenges. [Continue Reading...]

Craziest Uses of Drones: Think!

What once known for their used primarily for military operations now gone commercial – and currently, drone usage is exploding in popularity with hobbyists –and companies alike, that are keen to cash in on some of the business opportunities that drones are opening up. For better or worse –here’s a look at a few crazy ways that drones are being used today –in no particular order. [Continue Reading...]

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Other Popular Workshops

Mobile Robotics

Discover the world of mobile robots - how they move, how they interact with the world, and how to build them!

Program Drones and Robots

Learn to program drones and robots all wirelessly using a familiar interface.

Introduction to Internet of Things

Learn how IoT works, and how to create a successful product or company using it, with this course.

Smart IoT Devices

In this course you will learn how to architecting your own embedded device! You'll learn how to debug & finetune your device.

Smart Digital Instrumentation

In this course, you will learn the installation requirements of Smart field devices, including wiring, intrinsic safety, and networking.

The IoT Ecosystem

Home automation and Wearables devices dominate the IoT market today and in this course you will learn everything you need to know about IoT.

Interfacing with the Arduino

In this course you will learn how and when to use the different types of sensors and how to connect them to the Arduino.

Aerial Drones

Flying Drone course spot to master the skills and gain the knowledge needed to fly drones successfully and safely.

Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi isn't just a great platform for building IoT project. It's a super platform for learning about the IoT.

Bluetooth Robotics

Student will learn how to design and develop robots who worked on command from android smartphone

Smart Lighting System

A one-day course teaching the skills to design and specify an intelligent lighting control system.

Home Automation Systems

Practical knowledge about earning online by referrals.

Smart Energy Systems

One of the key objectives of this course is to aid you in the design of 100% renewable energy systems.

Robot Operating System

In this course you will learn about cutting-edge world of Robot Operating System (ROS), an open source system for working with robots.

Future Robotics Applications

Know how robotics gain momentum in 21st century and become quite essential components in a number of applications.

Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

Learn key concepts in nanoelectronics and relates them to the traditional view of electron flow in solids.

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