Wear your code!




Brighten up the dance floor or the ramp on your next visit to ComicCon with these bright and shiny LED shoes, which you can control using a touch sensor or mobile applications, having a variety of animations and effects such as VU Meter, Sound Reactive and foot step sensing.

Tron Hoodie

Tron Legacy inspired hoodie enables you to learn using EL wire in your next wearable proejct and looks geeky and eye catchy everytime.

IoT Holiday Lights

SDIoT Holiday Lights is a smart Christmas tree lights project meant for adding smart, bright and colorful lights to holiday season. It is also Alexa enabled.

iBow-T: A GentleMan ID

What would you do if you have a bunch of OLED displays lying around, catching dust on your shelf? Well now you put them up on your Bow Tie, pimp it for your next corporate party and catch everyone’s eye, sounds cool hah?

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